API for passes.jvm.classify-invoke - JVM-specific passes for tools.analyzer 0.7.0 (in development)

Full namespace name: clojure.tools.analyzer.passes.jvm.classify-invoke


Public Variables and Functions


Usage: (classify-invoke {:keys [op args tag env form], :as ast})
If the AST node is an :invoke, check the node in function position,
* if it is a keyword, transform the node in a :keyword-invoke node;
* if it is the clojure.core/instance? var and the first argument is a
  literal class, transform the node in a :instance? node to be inlined by
  the emitter
* if it is a protocol function var, transform the node in a :protocol-invoke
* if it is a regular function with primitive type hints that match a
  clojure.lang.IFn$[primitive interface], transform the node in a :prim-invoke

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