API for clojure.tools.deps.interop - Clojure v1.12.0 (in development)

Full namespace name: clojure.tools.deps.interop


Functions for invoking Java processes and invoking tools via the Clojure CLI.

Public Variables and Functions


dynamic function
Usage: (invoke-tool {:keys [tool-name tool-alias fn args command preserve-envelope], :or {command clojure, preserve-envelope false}, :as opts})
Invoke tool using Clojure CLI. Args (one of :tool-alias or :tool-name, and :fn
are required):
  :tool-alias - Tool alias to invoke (keyword)
  :tool-name - Name of installed tool to invoke (string or symbol)
  :fn - Function (symbol)
  :args - map of args to pass to function

  :command - CLI command, default="clojure"
  :preserve-envelope - if true, return the full invocation envelope, default=false

    Added in Clojure version 1.12
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