API Overview - spec.alpha 0.3.219-SNAPSHOT (in development)


Detailed API documentation
The spec library specifies the structure of data or functions and provides
operations to validate, conform, explain, describe, and generate data based on
the specs.

Rationale: https://clojure.org/about/spec
Guide: https://clojure.org/guides/spec
Contents: & * *coll-check-limit* *coll-error-limit* *compile-asserts* *fspec-iterations* *recursion-limit* + ? alt and assert assert* cat check-asserts check-asserts? coll-of conform conformer def describe double-in every every-kv exercise exercise-fn explain explain-data explain-out explain-printer explain-str fdef form fspec gen get-spec inst-in inst-in-range? int-in int-in-range? invalid? keys keys* ::kvs->map map-of merge multi-spec nilable or regex? registry spec spec? tuple unform valid? with-gen


Detailed API documentation

  any any-printable bind boolean bytes cat char char-alpha char-alphanumeric char-ascii choose delay double double* elements fmap for-all* frequency gen-for-name gen-for-pred generate hash-map int keyword keyword-ns large-integer large-integer* list map not-empty one-of ratio return sample set shuffle simple-type simple-type-printable string string-alphanumeric string-ascii such-that symbol symbol-ns tuple uuid vector vector-distinct 


Detailed API documentation

  abbrev-result check check-fn checkable-syms enumerate-namespace instrument instrumentable-syms summarize-results unstrument with-instrument-disabled 
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