API for probabilities.random-numbers - clojure-contrib v1.2 (stable)

by Konrad Hinsen

clojure-contrib is now deprecated

clojure-contrib is no longer being developed or maintained.

Rather than a single, monolithic, contributions library, Clojure now has a set of separate libraries for each unit of functionality. The libraries are in the Clojure GitHub organization at https://github.com/clojure. API documentation of the libraries can be found at https://clojure.github.io.

If you're looking for a specific function or namespace from the old clojure-contrib, see "Where Did Clojure.Contrib Go".

Full namespace name: clojure.contrib.probabilities.random-numbers


Random number streams

This library provides random number generators with a common
stream interface. They all produce pseudo-random numbers that are
uniformly distributed in the interval [0, 1), i.e. 0 is a
possible value but 1 isn't. For transformations to other
distributions, see clojure.contrib.probabilities.monte-carlo.

At the moment, the only generator provided is a rather simple
linear congruential generator.

Public Variables and Functions


This library, clojure-contrib, is deprecated. See here for more information.
Usage: (lcg modulus multiplier increment seed)
Create a linear congruential generator


This library, clojure-contrib, is deprecated. See here for more information.

A random number stream based on clojure.core/rand. Note that this
generator uses an internal mutable state. The state is thus not stored
in the stream object and cannot be restored.
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